Thursday, 3 April 2014


April is finally here... although it doesn't feel like spring yet! Our co-op student, Jasmine has been working hard helping the children with one on one and small group reading activities and extra support for math and science concepts. She plays an active role with various theatre groups in the community and has asked me to pass along the following information:
Brant Theatre Workshops will be holding auditions to anyone who is interested on April 10th. They need both children and adults for their next productions of Peter Pan and Robin Hood. If your child is one who might be interested in something like this, you may wish to contact the company.

A big thank you to Ms. Dawson and Mrs. Ferguson for continuing to come in each week to read with the children as part of our Home Reading Program.

SPCA trip is coming up next Wednesday. If you have not already sent in your child's form please do it ASAP. If you can volunteer, we would greatly appreciate that too!

The Spring Food Drive, led by parent volunteers, begins on the week of the 14th. Please give generously if you are able.

The Curriculum This Month.....

Reading and Writing: We will be focusing on reading a variety of literature that will engage, captivate and challenge the students. I believe that choosing quality books and stories can make reading come alive to children and help to transport them to world's they never imagine before. As a part of our rich literacy program, we use texts that encourage children to ask questions about the world around them, explore different points of views and important ideas and themes that come up in the books we are looking at. In our writing, the children have begun to work through the writing process. We are learning about pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing and publishing of stories. They have been working hard to create their own fiction story to publish and share with others. I cant wait to see the finished products!

Math: We are finishing up our unit on fractions and will soon begin to work at a new unit in Data Management called Probability. This is a fun unit of study, because children can explore the likelihood that certain events will occur. For example, if we design a spinner for a game and one half is yellow and the other half is green, what is the probability that the spinner will land on yellow? If only a small portion is yellow and the rest is green.... what is the likelihood now? Children will also look at dice and various games and will have the opportunity to create their own devices that allow them to creatively demonstrate their knowledge of probability. If you are playing board games or other activities at home, this is a great opportunity to chat about the likelihood of certain outcomes.

Visual Arts: We will continue to explore various artists style and form while we produce our own. We are also completing some spring and Easter art activities for fun too! Children will examine and create some symmetrical artwork in conjunction with our math concepts and continue to explore how the principles of design are used in creating meaning in their own and others artwork ( e.g. using warm colours in a beach painting etc).

Science and Social Studies: As our unit on Life Systems comes to a close, I can tell you that we have had a lot of fun learning about animals, insects, body parts, and plants. The children are experimenting with bean plants in our class...... we will see if they can grow in a paper towel using water and sunlight. The outcome  is still a little uncertain..... lol. We will begin a new social studies unit on mapping next week. Children will learn all about cardinal directions and  how to read and create basic maps.

Thanks again for taking a few moments to read this blog! Remember, if you ever have any questions or concerns, I am always available to meet with you or to chat on the phone. You can send a note in your child's agenda and I will promptly get back to you. Have a wonderful month.

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