Tuesday, 4 March 2014


March break is fast approaching..... if you and your family are planning to be away from school for any days other than the holiday, please request a temporary absence form from the office. Regardless of whether you choose to venture on a family vacation, take day trips or just relax at home I wish you all a restful, happy and safe holiday.

Co-op Student: I am so pleased to announce that we have a new co-op student who will be working in our room from now until the end of the year. She has been helping out with our home reading program reading with children and also taking some extra time to support children with special help in math and other programming if students happen to struggle with a concept on a particular day.

The Curriculum This Month.....

Storytelling/ Oral Communication Skills: Our children have been doing a wonderful job! I am so impressed with their storytelling abilities. The last day for presentations will be Tuesday and then we will pick the winners to go onto the final competition in the gym on Thursday. This has been a great exercise for developing our oral and visual skills.

Reading: Children have continued to practice their fluency strategies and skills by reading books at their level orally to themselves and to others.  We are working on exploring a variety of genres of texts and will begin to look at various components of non-fiction texts in correlation with our new unit on living things.

Writing: We continue to develop our writing skills. I am expecting more of the kids at this stage in the game. We will be doing some St. Patrick's Day writing about a pesky little leprechaun that sneaks into our classroom and causes trouble! We will also be looking at procedural writing ( e.g. How to plan a birthday party, How to ride a bike, How to make an ice cream sundae).

Art: We have been studying the works of different artists. The kids really impressed me with their portrait drawing creations. If you happen to be in the school, take a quick peek at our artwork posted in the hall. You'll never believe that grade ones created them. We have some incredible artists in our midst!!! I could see the pride in their faces as they watched their work be hung up for all to see.

Math: We are just finishing up our unit on money. Please do help your child to continue to practice counting coins as it is such a valuable life skill. We will be moving onto a unit in measurement studying time. Children will learn to tell time to the hour and half hour. We'll have some fun times doing "Munchie Math" and exploring both digital and analogue clocks and how they work. If you have any old clocks that you would like to send in...... and not receive back....... we would love to take it apart and have a look inside!

Science: We are studying living things and the kids have indicated, by vote, that they wanted to learn about horses, dragonflies and insects, and the venus fly trap. Students will explore the components of living things and hopefully we can sneak a field trip in that will reinforce all their great learning! Details to come....

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