Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Some new updates...

You can add these to your calendar at home.... Blue and White Day: We are having our first school spirit day. Children are encouraged to wear as many blue and white pieces of clothing on Friday, Sept 13th to show their school spirit. Terry Fox: We are doing a school wide Terry Fox walk on Sept 27th. Permission forms will be coming home soon. We are also asking for donations from each student if possible. Thanks in advance! Gym: Gym will be every Day 2 and 4. You can mark these on the board calendar in your child's agenda at the front or right now they fall on Monday and Wednesday. Ms. Sabatino will be teaching our class gym, health, drama and music. Library: Mrs. Kneebone will be volunteering in the library and taking our class down in the next week or two. I will speaking with her about which day works best and let you know as soon I can. Our library has so many new and wonderful books this year. Ms. Sabatino has been working really hard to buy and catalogue many new additions that kids will love!!! Book Orders: I have sent out Scholastic book orders to each child. If you are ever interested in ordering, it's a great way for us to get new books and resources for our classroom. With every order that I send in, Scholastic gives me free bonus points which I use toward buying great things for our room. PLEASE SEND IN CHEQUES ONLY AS I CAN'T SEND CASH IN THE MAIL- THANKS SO MUCH! :) Highlights Magazines: I am sending home little slips with each child in case your family wants to order a subscription. Even if you dont want one, please sign and send back...... if I send in all the signed forms (even when you dont order).... they will give our class a free suscription for the year that we can all enjoy! Spelling Words: Next week we will begin our spelling program. In your child's agenda you will see a list of words that they can study and work on at home throughout the week. We will have a weekly spelling quiz on these words. We will focus on the word structure throughout the week and expect kids to be able to independently spell them by the end of the week. They can take a peek at our word wall if they absolutely can't do independently, but my hope is that they will study and learn the words to use them in their own reading and writing. It would be a tremendous help if you could assist your child with learning these words at home. You can build them out of playdough, paint them on the sidewalk with water and a paintbrush, write them on a chalkboard in your kitchen, build them out of magnetic letters....anything that works to reinforce them. Thank you for taking an active role in your child's learning.

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